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What our customers say

"Amazing food, amazing tea, the most delightful biscuits and the highlight is the wonderful Antonia. She is a ray of sunshine with a heart of gold."

"Great coffee and fantastic ice-cream!"

"When you walk in you are surrounded by a great choice of wonderful food. Everything you buy is packed with flavour. Personal service provided by the staff. One of my favourite places in the region." 

"It has great food, great staff and a wonderful bar that transforms Cambridge into a little bit of Italy."

"Because they make me feel like I've shopped there forever. And they do the BEST tomato pesto EVER!"

"Well, partially because the coffee is always spot on perfect and the Italian specialties are always well stocked, but most of all it feels like a second living room! Being from Sweden, I'm technically abroad whenever I'm in Cambridge, but when I enter Limoncello I feel that I am even abroader - and that the whole world is a friendly place! That's it. PS. The waitresses are also very cute."

"The food is fantastic and the staff are very friendly. The produce they sell is a reasonable price and the coffee and ice cream is mmmmmm."

"Delicious home-made pesto, real Italian ice-cream, great selection of meats and cheeses. Always very friendly and long opening hours!"

"The friendly service, the wonderful Italian bread, the excellent selection of different pestos, the cooked meats counter. So many things to like, and a very good sandwich and coffee bar with a table by the window to sit and watch the world go by (well, Mill Road anyway). I would recommend this deli to anyone looking for authentic Italian food and wine."

"Fabulous food, fabulous people and has provided some great lunches for the office."

"The best italian deli Store ive ever been to!"

"Because it serves the local community with yummy olives."

"Small and beautifully formed, great selection, local but with international vision."

"They are a fantastic local shop. A real part of the local community providing excellent food and a lovely atmosphere."

"Fantastic produce and a great sociable atmosphere with fantastic ice cream .... In fact it's all fantastic. Great friendly staff. It's just best!"

"Great selection, fabulous little bar and the best staff."

"It is fantastic. It has great food, a great bar, food and drink that you can't get anywhere else, and really splendid and helpful staff."

"Friendly and knowledgable staff, great food, a fantastic small bar and cafe what more could want from a deli. This deli is a great asset to the local community and genuinely enhances the area."

"We love Limoncelllo! Such a good place to while away a lazy afternoon. Great coffe, amazing selectionn of antipasti and loads of unusual italian goodies.,,Loads of free tasters means we always end up buying the whole shop!!" 

"A lovely selection of cured meats, cheeses, olives and other Italian specialities. ,I love going shopping there because of the information they offer about their products.,The personnel is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I bought some memorable Prosciutto San Daniele on ther advice. Just great!!!,It is bout 30 minutes from where I live but surely worth the journey!"

"What's not to love about them? Samples all the time, excellent range of stock, lots of good inexpensive stuff as well as justifiably-pricey treats, friendly and knowledgeable staff, lots of fresh cheeses and cured meats as well as packaged stuff, THE best anchovies in the world, and Steve the owner is a motorcyclist!"

"The best deli I've ever been to. The atmosphere is great combining a local source of organic products and a source for a relaxed drink and exceptionally good cooked food. Wonderful team who are professional and fun. This deli and their team alone make me want to move to Cambridge!"

"It is the home of Italian food in Cambridge and being half italian it is my one mecca this side of the med! Definately a deserving winner."

"Amazing food, amazing staff, amazing coffee and i've made some amazing friends there. Amazing. Truly."

"Great atmosphere, great staff, great food. Need we say more." 

"Because it has a fantastic range of meats, cheese, wine, olives, pestos. humus and much much more - it also has the most helpful and friendly staff in Cambridge - great service, enviroment and food ! It deserves to be awarded 'Deli of the year'." 

"Fabulous staff, excellent variety, perfect coffee. Stepping inside is like stepping into an Aladdin's cave of Italian possibilities! It transports you right out of England and into a happy fantasy of Tuscany, Rome or Sicily (as you prefer...). And you feel like an explorer charting new worlds as you discover the secrets of the shelves stacked to the ceiling with continental goodies..." 

"Cos the manager is hott!! Plus the ice cream is also tasty."

"They are providing top quality, a huge variety of delis, the best coffee and the most beautiful and service minded personal in England."

"Because they have a large variety of tasy food."

"Great food, great people!"

"I love Limoncello - they're so warm, friendly and the cappuccino is fantastic. They're such a credit to the Mill Road area of Cambridge. I really hope they keep going for the next 100 years, if not more. If Limoncello ever - god forbid - leave the area, then I probably will too. If that isn't the mark of a good deli, then I don't know what is."

"Every time I step into Limoncello, I feel like I am on an Italian city break... It's where I go to get some space, enjoy a slow latte, treat myself to lunch (and sometimes a friend if I'm feeling generous enough to share the experience). Me and my hubby visit for 'micro-dates'. Of course the food is all delicious, my favourites being the bosciola olives, the houmous and the pizzas. And of course the staff are lovely. It's my favourite place in Cambridge."

"Limoncello is a place where I always knew I could rush in and get many fresh and tasting food stuff that I could not find elsewhere, be served by the Limoncello team with a passion for service equal to their products, and also take the time to stay in for a cup of great coffee or a great bite to eat. It is special in Cambridge. It is special in the UK. It is my favourite deli in the UK."

"In a nutshell: high quality produce, and friendly staff who provide excellent service. At Limoncello they're knowledgeable about the food they sell, they ensure the customers are happy and are prepared to bring in products on the suggestion of customers. All this serve to create a great atmosphere and large circle of regular customers!"

"They are friendly. The place is clean and they have a huge selection of products. But above everything is the atmosphere: it doesn't seems to be in the cold England anymore." 

"The food is delicious and the coffee is superb! The range of Italian edibles, wines and liqors are vast and fresh plus the staff are exceptionally friendly! A definite winner in my books!"

"Limoncello provides a very unique experience to its customers. You could almost say, that is is not just a shop, it is a big community. I am Italian, living in Cambridge and it is hard for me to find the real" product."

"1. Their olives are amazing!,2. The atmosphere is so friendly,3. It's also a coffee bar,4. Did I mention the olives?!"

"Fab food, fresh great choice, friendly knowledgeable staff."

Free Delivery On Orders over £60



Need help?!

Call us now on 01223 507036 or email us.

We’re happy to offer advice or answer any questions (no matter how silly/trivial it may seem)!


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