Balocco Pandoro 1kg

Pandoro (or pan d’oro ‘golden bread’) has long been associated with luxury; its dough rich with fresh butter and eggs was only affordable for noble families of the Veneto. Its tall shape and light fluffy texture is produced by allowing it to rise for several hours and its natural ingredients give the cake its signature colour. Dusted with icing sugar the cake conjures images of the mountains in Winter, and when cut horizontally each slice of pandoro is an eight-pointed star. Pandoro is perfect to share with friends, to give as a present; pandoro is the Christmas cake.

  • Rich with butter and eggs
  • Beautiful alternative to Christmas cake
  • Made in Italy 
  • Impressive dessert
  • Perfect present

Pandoro is made to a using natural yeast, egg yolks and butter and is left to rise for eight hours before baking. This careful preparation and long baking process has changed little over the years and is key to its light texture. Butter and eggs give pandoro its deep yellow colour and warm aroma; they also ensure that it stays fresh for a number of days.

Pandoro makes a simple but impressive dessert; leave to warm to room temperature and dust with icing sugar. Simply slice and serve. It can be eaten as it is or accompanied by mascarpone or chocolate sauce. However, if you require something a little richer; cut a hole into the bottom of the cake and hollow out, then fill with ice cream or whipped cream. Either way it is ideal for sharing and should be washed down with a full bodied coffee, a glass of sparkling prosecco or a dessert wine. In the unlikely event that there is any cake left over the morning after; chase away those Winter blues with a warmed slice of pandoro dunked in steaming hot cappuccino or hot chocolate.

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