Baci - Chocolate by Perugina (single)

Say “I Love You” the Italian Way!

“Baci” translates as kisses in Italian - now world famous, these little chocolate kisses are a luscious blend of milk chocolate fondant and chopped hazelnuts, topped with a whole nut and covered in thick plain chocolate. As if that weren’t enough, each is wrapped with a love note to the lucky recipient of your kiss!

  • UnwrappedBaci ‘kiss’ chocolates
  • Made by Perugina
  • Milk Chocolate Fondant
  • Chopped Hazelnuts
  • Plain Chocolate
  • Love note included

The world famous Baci was created in 1922 and, according to legend, introduced on Valentine’s Day. Nearly 100 years later, the Baci tradition remains unchanged. Baci are made by Perugina, an Italian confectionery company based in Perugia, Italy. The company has a history dating back to 1907, when it was formed by Giovanni Buitoni and Luisa Spagnoli.

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