Baci Milk Chocolate Bag 143g

Milk Chocolate Baci Bag 143g 
Perugina’s master chocolatiers have crafted a new companion to the traditional dark chocolate Baci and its youngest version, Baci White.
With an elegant new packaging and a milk chocolate outer layer, our new Baci Milk will enhance the sweetness of your special moments.
At first glance, it looks just like the Baci we know and love, but remove the light blue wrapper adorned with Baci’s signature stars, and a new tasting experience is revealed. Exquisite layer of milk chocolate enrobes the traditional gianduia and chopped hazelnut filling, crowned by a crunchy whole hazelnut. Tucked into the wrapper, you’ll still find the traditional and delightful surprise; a tender Love Note that will make Baci Milk even sweeter.

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