Torrone Slice 180g - Chocolate

 Italian torrone (nougat) is a soft slice of sweetness. Torrone is made from honey, whipped egg whites and vanilla; nuts, candied peel, soft fruit or chocolate are then swirled through the mixture to give it additional flavour. There is no need for elaborate packaging when a sweetmeat is this beautiful—torrone slices are individually wrapped in cellophane to show off the delicate marbling effects made by the added ingredients.

Italian torrone is an elegant, grown up sweet treat, perfect for sharing, but even better as a secret pleasure to be nibbled at your leisure. Quaranta torrone makes a great present on its own for anyone with a sweet tooth and is the perfect size for a stocking filler. Traditionally a sweetmeat eaten in the Winter it is a stylish way to keep up energy levels whether you’re out on a long Winter walk or Christmas shopping.

Quaranta is a family owned business that has been making torrone since 1924. The business grew rapidly yet the family has taken great care to preserve the traditions of making morbido (soft and chewy) torrone that makes their sweetmeat so distinctive.

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