Pizza Dough 400g

Delicious and incredibly easy to use - just roll it out on a baking tray and cook for approx 10 minutes. Enough to make two typically Italian, 12” thin and crispy pizzas.

Made by Fillipo, one of our favourite suppliers, with wild yeast and a mix of specially selected micro organisms. The sour dough is made in the traditional method, used for hundrends of years in Italy, with two 10 hour fermentation periods - a process that has been removed from modern bread making. The result is a bread that is much healthier and easier to digest, with very low salt and no additives. It also freezes well.

Simply spread with passatta, add toppings such as mozzarella, pepperoni, oregano, olives, salame and whatever is lurking in your fridge before cooking. Or if you are feeling more creative, use it to make a lovely calzone - basically a pizza, but folded in half before cooking. Or even bake with Rosemary as a bread loaf.

Fillipo tells us that the cultures used in the dough, which have to be carefully maintained and grown, are family secrets and were so prized they were often part of a wife’s dowry in years gone by!

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