Crema di Limoncello by Gioia Luisa 500ml

Crema di Limoncello is a lighter and sweeter variation of Limoncello liqueur. The milk added to the traditional recipe  makes the Crema di Limoncello less alcoholic: 17% against 30-32% of Limoncello.

  • Crema di Limoncello from Gioia Luisa
  • Made exclusively from Sorrento Lemons
  • 500ml
  • 17% vol

They say ‘when life gives Italians lemons, they make Limoncello’.
In 1946, Felice and Laura Maresca formed a small family entity specializing in selling fresh and dried fruit.
Forty years later, their son, Francesco Saverio, recognized the value of his parents effort’s and with his family by his side, took over the family business. Gioia Luisa SRL was formed. Francesco’s aim was to make a simple and natural liqueur obtained from lemon peels infused in pure alcohol, LIMONCELLO di SORRENTO.

The exclusive Sorrentine Peninsula of Italy is home to the famous Gioia Luisa Orchards. The magic component of the flourishing vegetation in the region is the ‘soil composition’ cultivated by the explosion of Mt. Vesuvius hundreds of years ago. These unique soil qualities are not found in any other Italian location. They have sustained their 30 years of tradition in cultivating the finest fruits used to produce “The Cello” family of liqueurs. The region’s unique climatic conditions and fertile soil composition combined with the proven family recipes has made Francesco’s dream a reality.

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