Gioia Luisa Limoncello Mini Bottle 50ml

Why Select Gioia Luisa Lemoncello?

Lemoncello Lemon Comparison

  • Gioia Luisa is one of the founding companies that established the IGP registration for the lemon orchards grown in the Amalfi Coast.
    Note: IGP is the equivalent to the DOCG used for Italian Wines.
  • Gioia Luisa uses lemon peels grown exclusively from IGP orchards.
  • Gioia Luisa has one of the highest concentrations of lemon peels per gallon of alcohol on the market today.
  • Gioia Luisa does not use any flavorings to enhance the taste.
  • Gioia Luisa wins in taste, bouquet and overall mouth feel competitions.
  • Gioia Luisa helped established the “Lemoncello” category in the USA market since 1996.

Limone di Sorrento

This exclusive insignia is only available when the ‘production formula’ for Lemoncello meets the highest standards set forth by the Italian limoncello producing consortium.


  • All lemons used in the liqueur must come from the protected geographic designation of the Sorrento / Amalfi region.
  • The defined ratio between kilos of lemon peels to liters of alcohol is followed.
  • Gioia Luisa SrL is one of the few producers in Italy to follow these strict guidelines.

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