Chocolate Panettone in tin 550g

Balocco’s delicious chocolate panettone—a modern twist on tradition. There’s a panettone for everyone and this one’s for chocolate lovers. The chocolate filling in this rich, light cake is sure to delight children and adults alike. The cake is beautifully presented in a decorated flower shaped tin; an indulgent treat for Christmas or a special gift. Tin designs vary


  •  Chocolaty
  •  Rich
  •  Buttery
  •  Made in Italy
  •  Beautiful gift
  •  Delight children and adults

When cut the aromas of butter and chocolate fill the room making this panettone an impressive dessert or a wonderful treat at breakfast. Serve with coffee on a winter’s morning to entice adults and children out of bed.


Panettone’s baking process allows the dough to rise naturally which can take up to 20 hours resulting in a luxuriously light, fluffy cake. The rich dough and long proving process ensures it stays fresh for longer making it an ideal store cupboard essential.

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