Pandoro - Il Pandoro by Battistero 1900g

Il Pandoro by Battistero is a soft and fragrant cake bursting with the aromas of butter and vanilla. The unique baking process, which allows the dough to rise naturally, can take more than eight hours and is the secret to this amazingly light cake. Pandoro stays fresh and full of flavour for ages, so makes a perfect gift or a store cupboard essential—great if surprise visitors drop in!

  • Made in Italy 
  • Traditional, classic pandoro
  • Full of fresh butter and eggs
  • An elegant dessert

Battistero’s 1kg pandoro makes an elegant addition to the dinner table; simply dust with vanilla flavoured icing sugar and serve. In Italy slices of the cake are eaten at Christmas with a glass of prosecco or a full bodied coffee. If you do have any left in the morning it makes a luxurious treat for breakfast dunked in hot chocolate—the perfect if suffering the morning after.

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