Panettone - Gianduia by Balocco 800g

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An elegant panettone, filled with delicious hazelnut chocolate cream, is a speciality cake from Balocco.


  • Impressive dessert
  • Beautiful gift
  • Full of chocolate
  • Rich and buttery


Balocco’s traditional panettone dough, rich with butter and egg yolk, is filled with a gorgeous chocolate hazelnut cream, topped with dark chocolate and decorated with milk chocolate drops.


Cut open this panettone and you will be greeted by the aromas of warm butter and hazelnut chocolate—intensified when warmed before serving. It’s tall design and beautiful finish makes it a perfect dessert; perfect when complimented by a full bodied coffee.


The baking process allows the dough to rise naturally which can take up to 20 hours resulting in a luxuriously light, fluffy cake. The rich dough and long proving process ensures it stays fresh for longer making it an ideal store cupboard essential; a luxurious treat for unexpected guests.

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