Panettone - Il Panettone by Battistero 500g

Il Panettone by Battistero 500g—This light, golden fruit cake is bursting with citrus and vanilla flavours. The unique baking process, which allows the dough to rise naturally, can take more than 20 hours and is the secret to this amazingly light cake. Panettone stays fresh and full of flavour for ages so makes a perfect gift, or a store cupboard essential in case of surprise Christmas visitors!

  • Made in Italy 
  • Traditional, classic panettone
  • Flavoured with candied peel, raisins and vanilla
  • Rich and buttery

Panettone makes a luxurious breakfast, sliced and eaten as it is or toasted; a simple dessert when warmed and served with mascarpone or as a baking ingredient such as the base for an indulgent bread and butter pudding. Slices of the cake are traditionally eaten at Christmas with a glass of prosecco or as a dessert with vin santo or coffee


Battistero’s 500g panettone makes an elegant addition to the dinner table, a luxurious treat for breakfast and a fabulous gift. Perfect for two to share; a decadent treat for one.

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